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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Power rear gate system (diagnostics) / Diagnostic procedure with diagnostic trouble code (dtc)

Electrical specification
1. POWER REAR GATE CONTROL MODULETerminal No.DescriptionMeasuring conditionStandard(R422) No. 1 ←> (R422) No. 9Touch sensorWhen sensor is ON2.7 V or less(R422) No. 2 ←> Chassis ground — ...

Dtc b2527 auto closer motor circuit law
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When malfunction in the power rear gate auto closer is detected.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:The pull-in/release operation of closer is not possible.NOTE:For the diagnostic procedure, refer ...

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Dtc b16b8 short in side satellite sensor bus lh (to +b)
DIAGNOSIS START CONDITION:Ignition voltage is 10 V to 16 V.DTC DETECTING CONDITION:Shorted between side sensor LH circuit and power supply circuitWIRING DIAGRAM:NOTE:For the coupling connector, refer to “WIRING SYSTEM”.Airbag system Airbag System > WIRING DIAGRAMSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK PO ...

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