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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Electrical component location location

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Power seat memory system (diagnostics) / Electrical component location location


Power seat control module


Lumbar switch


Power seat switch


Seat memory switch


Engine compartment fuse box


Interior fuse & relay box


Fuse (30 A)


Fuse (7.5 A)

Diagnostics with phenomenon inspection
Refer to “TROUBLE SYMPTOM” for the power seat system. Power Seat System > INSPECTION ...

Inspection mode procedure
It is possible to diagnose the DTC by performing the indicated inspection mode. After correcting the DTC, perform a necessary inspection mode and make sure that the function is resumed correctly and t ...

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Dtc b27a5 front internal antenna open
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When open circuit occurs in the harness between keyless access CM and front interior antenna.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:Keyless access system does not function. (when the access key is in the front area of the passenger room)CAUTION:For replacement procedure of keyless access CM, refer ...

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