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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Electrical component location location

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Body control system (diagnostics) / Electrical component location location


Body integrated unit

Clear memory mode operation
1. On «Start» display, select «Diagnosis».2. On «Vehicle selection» display, input the target vehicle information and select «Confirmed».3. On «Main Menu» display, select «Each System».4. ...

General diagnostic table inspection
Read the DTC using Subaru Select Monitor. Read Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Or check the following data under the current data display screen.ItemOperationSpecificationsNoteYESNODiagnostic codeDTC i ...

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1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE2. Remove the clip (A), and loosen the clamps (B) and (C).3. Remove the air intake boot, and move it to the left side wheel apron.4. Disconnect the transmission radio ground terminal and transmission harness connector, and remove the harnes ...

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