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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Service Manual: Inspection

Check the surface of primary and secondary pulley cones for damage or wear.

Check the primary and secondary pulley for damage.

Check the bearing for seizure or wear.

Apply CVTF to bearing and rotate the bearing to check for noise or dragging etc.

1. Select shims for pulley alignment. Primary Pulley and Secondary Pulley > ADJUSTMENT2. Install the two seal rings to drive pinion retainer.NOTE:• Use new seal rings.• Apply CVTF to the ...

Primary speed sensor

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Dtc p0300 random/multiple cylinder misfire detected
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:• Detected when two consecutive driving cycles with fault occur.• Immediately at fault recognition (A misfire which could damage catalyst occurs.)TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• Engine stalls.• Improper idling• Rough drivingCAUTION:After servicing or replacing ...

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