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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual: Internal trunk lid release handle

The internal trunk lid release handle is a device designed to open the trunk lid from inside the trunk. In the event children or adults become locked inside the trunk, the handle allows them to open the lid. The handle is located on the inside of the trunk lid.

Internal trunk lid release handle

To open the trunk lid from inside the trunk, pull the yellow handle as indicated by the arrow on the handle. This operation unlocks the trunk lid. Then, push up the lid.

The handle is made of material that remains luminescent for approximately an hour in the dark trunk space after it is exposed to ambient light even for a short time.

WARNING Never allow any child to get in the trunk and play with the release handle. If the driver starts the vehicle without knowing that a child is inside the trunk and the child opens the lid using the release handle, the child could fall out and be killed or seriously injured.


  •  Do not close the lid while gripping the release handle. The handle may be damaged.
  •  Do not use the handle as a hook to fasten straps or ropes to secure your cargo in the trunk.

    Such use may result in damage of the handle.

  •  Load the trunk so that cargo cannot strike the release handle.

    If the cargo hits the handle while the vehicle is being driven, the handle may be pulled and the trunk lid may open. That may cause cargo to fall out of the trunk, which could create a traffic safety hazard.


Perform the following steps at least twice a year to check the release handle for correct operation.

  1.  Open the trunk lid.


  1. Use a flat-head screwdriver with a thin blade. Slide the flat-head screwdriver blade from the slit aperture of the lock assembly fully to the end until you hear a click.


This places the latch in the locked position.


  1. Move the release handle, from outside the vehicle, in the direction of the arrow to check if the latch is released.

If the latch is not released, contact your SUBARU dealer.

In that case, use the key to release the latch, then close the trunk lid.

Also, if the movement of the release handle feels restricted or not entirely smooth during operation, or the handle and/or handle base is cracked, contact your SUBARU dealer.

To open the trunk lid from inside
Press and hold the trunk lid opener switch for more than 1 second. ...

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