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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Most common causes of corrosion

The most common causes of corrosion are:

  •  The accumulation of moisture retaining dirt and debris in body panel sections, cavities, and other areas.
  •  Damage to paint and other protective coatings caused by gravel and stone chips or minor accidents.

Corrosion is accelerated on the vehicle when:

  •  It is exposed to road salt or dust control chemicals, or used in coastal areas where there is more salt in the air, or in areas where there is considerable industrial pollution.
  •  It is driven in areas of high humidity, especially when temperatures range just above freezing.
  •  Dampness in certain parts of the vehicle remains for a long time, even though other parts of the vehicle may be dry.
  •  High temperatures will cause corrosion to parts of the vehicle which cannot dry quickly due to lack of proper ventilation.
Corrosion protection
Your SUBARU has been designed and built to resist corrosion. Special materials and protective finishes have been used on most parts of the vehicle to help maintain fine appearance, strength, and r ...

To help prevent corrosion
Wash the vehicle regularly to prevent corrosion of the body and suspension components. Also, wash the vehicle promptly after driving on any of the following surfaces.  roads that have bee ...

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