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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Remove the manual transmission assembly from the vehicle. Manual Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL

2. Remove the back-up light switch and the neutral position switch. Switches and Harness > REMOVAL

3. Remove the transfer case together with the extension case assembly.

(1) Remove the transmission cover.


Transmission cover

(2) Set and hold the selector lever COMPL to the 1st-2nd side, and remove the transfer case and extension case assembly as a unit.

4. Use the ST to push out the spring pin, and remove the shift lever COMPL.

ST 398791700REMOVER


Shift lever COMPL


Straight pin

5. Remove the extension case assembly.

6. Remove the transfer driven gear and center differential as a unit.

7. Remove the taper roller bearing (extension case side) outer race and the adjusting washer.


Taper roller bearing (extension case side) outer race

Transfer case and extension case assembly

1. TRANSFER CASE1. Install the shift link assembly to the transfer case. Shift Link Assembly > INSTALLATION2. Install the interlock plate.NOTE:• Use a new bolt and gasket.• Clean the bolt ...

Other materials:

• Inspect the drive plate facing for wear and damage.• Check the driven plate for discoloration (burnt color).• Check for worn snap ring, fatigue or damaged return spring or deformed spring retainer.• Make sure the clearance between retaining plate and snap ring of reverse br ...

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