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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Wiring diagram

Refer to “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” in the wiring diagram. Tire Pressure Monitoring System > WIRING DIAGRAM

Control module i o signal

Electrical specification
Terminal No.ContentMeasured value and measuring conditionsRemarks1 — — — 2 — — — 3 — — — 4Ignition power supply10 — 13 V (when the ignition switch is ON) — 5GND0 V (always) ...

Other materials:

1. Install the panel center LWR.2. Install the console box assembly.3. Install the cover assembly - front.4. Install the shift knob. (MT model)NOTE:For 6MT model, refer to “MT GEAR SHIFT LEVER” in “CS” section. MT Gear Shift Lever > INSTALLATION5. Install the ornament panel ...

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