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Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Airbag system (diagnostics) / Diagnostic chart with trouble code

Airbag warning light remains off
NOTE:For the diagnostic procedure, refer to “AIRBAG WARNING LIGHT REMAINS ON”. Airbag Warning Light Failure > AIRBAG WARNING LIGHT REMAINS ON ...

Dtc b1146 airbag ecu malfunction
NOTE:Refer to DTC B1146 for details on DTC B1000. Diagnostic Chart with Trouble Code > DTC B1000 AIRBAG ECU MALFUNCTION ...

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1. MODELS WITHOUT EyeSight1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE2. Remove the overhead console.(1) Release the clips and claws.(2) Disconnect the connector, and remove the overhead console.3. Remove connector and screw, and remove the warning box.2. MODELS WITH EyeSight1. Disco ...

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