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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Active grille shutter

Subaru Legacy Service Manual / Cooling(h4do) / Active grille shutter

Radiator cap inspection
1. Check that the radiator cap does not have deformation, cracks or damage.2. Attach the radiator cap tester to radiator cap.3. Check the maximum pressure while pumping the radiator cap tester several ...

1. Disconnect the ground terminal from battery sensor. NOTE2. Remove the front bumper. Front Bumper > REMOVAL3. Disconnect the connector from ambient sensor.4. Disconnect the connector from the acti ...

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Engine coolant
Checking the coolant level 1) "FULL" level mark 2) "LOW" level mark Check the coolant level at each fuel stop.  Check the coolant level on the outside of the reservoir while the engine is cool.  If the level is close to or lower than the "LOW" level mark, add coolant up to ...

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