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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Driving tips

NOTE If the accelerator and brake pedals are depressed at the same time, driving torque may be restrained. This is not a malfunction.

  • On a road surface where there is a risk of wheelspin (for example, a snow- or gravel-covered road), you can pull away from a standstill safely and easily by first selecting the 2nd gear of the manual mode.
  •  Always apply the foot or parking brake when the vehicle is stopped in the "D" or "R" position.
  •  Make sure to apply the parking brake when parking your vehicle. Do not hold the vehicle with only the transmission.
  •  Do not keep the vehicle in a stationary position on an uphill grade by using the "D" position. Use the brake instead.
  •  The engine may, on rare occasions, knock when the vehicle rapidly accelerates or rapidly pulls away from a standstill.

    This phenomenon does not indicate a malfunction.

  •  A slight reduction in output torque may occur in the models with a 3.6 L engine before the engine warms up.
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