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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Service Manual: Front reduction drive gear

1. DIFFERENTIAL CASE ASSEMBLY1. Install the washer and differential bevel gear into differential case (LH).2. Install the differential bevel gear pinions into differential case (LH) and install the pi ...

1. Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle. Automatic Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL2. Remove the air breather hose. Air Breather Hose > REMOVAL3. Remove the oil pan and control valve bod ...

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1. CHECK FUSE1. Remove the fuse and inspect visually.2. If the fuse is blown out, replace the fuse.2. CHECK RELAY1. Check the resistance between relay terminals.Terminal No.Inspection conditionsStandardCircuit1 — 2Always1 M- or more1 — 2Apply battery voltage between terminals 4 and 3.Less than 1 ...

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