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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation


Always replace the clips that were damaged during removal of the molding - roof with new parts.

While installing the molding - roof, be careful not to catch the glass molding with the tip of the front side and rear side.

When installing the clip - roof molding, remove adhesive remaining on the installation surface of vehicle body side, then clean the body side.

Use the primer provided with the adhesive. (Do not allow the primer to dry. It is two-liquid type adhesive though it is named as such.)

1. Loosen the clip - roof molding by applying hot air, and let the thermal adhesive tape become hard to eliminate adhesive force.


If it is possible that hot air from the dryer may cause paint surface discoloration, use the dryer with a narrow nozzle.

Preparation tool:

Industrial dryer

2. Remove the clip - roof molding with a longnose pliers.


Be careful not to scratch the paint surface with the edge of clip - roof molding.


If it is hard to remove, soften the clip - roof molding again.

3. Remove adhesive remaining on the vehicle body side by scraping it with a plastic spatula while applying hot air using a dryer, and clean the area where adhesive has been removed.

4. Install the clip - roof molding.

(1) Apply approx. 0.5 mm (0.02 in) thickness of adhesive evenly on the clip - roof molding.


If sealant has been applied when the body was repaired, smoothen the sealant on the clip installation area.


3M DP-100 or equivalent

(2) Apply primer to the body side of the clip - roof molding installation area.


Do not allow primer to dry.


Primer provided with 3M DP-100 or equivalent

(3) After primer is applied, affix the clip according to the position shown in the figure.


Install the molding - roof when 40 minutes or more have passed after the clip - roof molding was press-fit.

(1) Gently rub the clip - roof molding to make adhesive and primer fit in.

(2) Press-fit the clip - roof molding firmly.


Thermal adhesive tape


Adhesive: Apply approx. 0.5 mm (0.02 in) thickness of adhesive evenly.

5. Install the molding - roof.

(1) Fit the molding - roof in the clip on the front side.

(2) While pressing the center of the molding - roof to the body side, fit the clip on the rear side.

CAUTION:• Be careful not to damage the body.• Do not remove the clip - roof molding.• If the clip - roof molding is damaged, replace it with a new clip.Release the clips, and remove ...

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