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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Manual transmission

  •  Do not drive the vehicle with the clutch disengaged (i.e., when the clutch pedal is depressed) or with the shift lever in the neutral position. Engine braking has no effect in either of these conditions and the risk of an accident is consequently increased.
  •  Do not engage the clutch (i.e., release the clutch pedal) suddenly when starting the vehicle.

    By doing so the vehicle might unexpectedly accelerate or the transmission could malfunction.

Manual transmission

The manual transmission is a full synchromesh, 6-forward-speed and 1-reversespeed transmission.

The shift pattern is shown on the shift lever knob

System maintenance
NOTE For models without "keyless access with push-button start system": In the event that the vehicle's battery is replaced, discharged or disconnected, it will be necessary to start the vehicle ...

Selecting reverse gear
CAUTION Shift into reverse ONLY when the vehicle has completely stopped. It may cause damage to the transmission to try shifting into reverse when the vehicle is moving. ...

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