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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Service Manual: Note

For procedure of each component in the combination meter system, refer to the respective section.

Combination meter assembly: Combination Meter

Speedometer: Speedometer

Tachometer: Tachometer

Fuel gauge: Fuel Gauge

Engine coolant temperature gauge: Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

Switches and harness: Switches and Harness

Warning box: Warning Box

1. SELF-DIAGNOSIS DISPLAY MODEThe combination meter self-diagnosis can be performed as a single unit according to the following procedure.When the self-diagnosis display mode operates, it switches in ...

1. COMBINATION METERRefer to “Basic Diagnostic Procedure” of “INSTRUMENTATION/DRIVER INFO (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Basic Diagnostic Procedure2. SWITCHIllumination intensity doe ...

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