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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Power steering control module

1. STEERING WHEEL AND COLUMN(1)Bushing(7)Cover - steering wheel LWR(13)Airbag module(2)Column ASSY - steering(8)MID switch (multi-information display) (3)Switch ASSY - combination(9)Paddle shiftTight ...

NOTE:Power steering control module is integrated with the electric power steering gearbox. Since the power steering control module is a non-disassemble part, it cannot be removed. ...

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How to read wiring diagrams
1. POWER SUPPLY CIRCUITCircuits are described to indicate the power supply in the wiring diagram of each system. “MB-5”, “MB-6”, etc., which are used as power- supply symbols throughout the text, correspond with those shown in the “DC POWER SUPPLY CIRCUIT” in the ...

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