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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Removal

1. Remove the manual transmission assembly from the vehicle. Manual Transmission Assembly > REMOVAL

2. Remove the transfer case together with the extension case assembly. Transfer Case and Extension Case Assembly > REMOVAL

3. Remove the transmission case. Transmission Case > REMOVAL

4. Remove the drive pinion shaft assembly. Drive Pinion Shaft Assembly > REMOVAL

5. Remove the main shaft assembly. Main Shaft Assembly > REMOVAL

6. Remove the front differential assembly.


Do not confuse the right and left taper roller bearing outer races.

Be careful not to damage the oil seal of differential side retainer.

7. Remove the differential side retainers using ST.


8. Remove the taper roller bearing outer race from the transmission case.

Front differential assembly

1. DIFFERENTIAL BEVEL PINION GEAR BACKLASH1. Disassemble the front differential assembly. Front Differential Assembly > DISASSEMBLY2. Select the adjusting washer from the table and install.Adjusting ...

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