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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Reverse Automatic Braking System overview

The system detects objects using sonar sensors installed in the rear bumper.

  •  If the system determines a possible collision with an object in the reversing direction, automatic deceleration will be activated. Also, beeping sounds will activate.
  •  If the vehicle is further reversed, automatic hard braking will be applied and a continuous beeping sound will activate.

Detecting range

Detecting range

1) Detecting range (width): Approximately 6 in (15 cm) outside of the vehicle width
2) Range that the system cannot detect: Approximately 20 in (50 cm) behind the rear of the vehicle
3) Detecting range (length): Approximately 5 ft (1.5 m) from the rear of the vehicle

WARNING If your vehicle is trapped on a railroad crossing and you are trying to escape by reversing through the crossing gate, the system may recognize the crossing gate as an obstacle and brake may activate. In this case, remain calm and either continue to depress the accelerator pedal or cancel the system. To cancel the system, refer to "Canceling the Reverse Automatic Braking system operation" .
Reverse Automatic Braking System (if equipped)
Reverse Automatic Braking is a system designed to help avoid collisions or reduce collision damage when reversing the vehicle. If a wall or an obstacle is detected in the reversing direction, the ...

Operating conditions
The Reverse Automatic Braking system will operate when all of the following conditions are met.  The ignition switch is in the "ON" position  The EyeSight warning indicator is off ...

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