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Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual: Reverse Automatic Braking System (if equipped)

Subaru Legacy BN/BS (2015-2019) Owners Manual / Starting and operating / Reverse Automatic Braking System (if equipped)

Reverse Automatic Braking is a system designed to help avoid collisions or reduce collision damage when reversing the vehicle. If a wall or an obstacle is detected in the reversing direction, the system will notify the driver with a warning sound and may activate the vehicle's brakes automatically.

  •  Reverse Automatic Braking is not a system intended to replace the driver's responsibility to check their surroundings for vehicles or obstacles to avoid a collision.
  •  The driver is responsible for driving safely. Always be sure to check the surroundings visually when reversing the vehicle.
  •  Since the system operation has various limitations, the warning sound or automatic braking may be delayed or may not operate at all even when an obstacle is present in the reversing direction.
  •  The system is not designed to detect people (including children), animals or other moving objects.
  •  Depending on the vehicle condition or the surrounding environment, the sonar sensor's ability to detect objects may become unstable.

NOTE The Reverse Automatic Braking System records and stores the following data when automatic braking operates.

It does not record conversations, personal information or other audio data.

  •  Distance from the object
  •  Vehicle speed
  •  Accelerator pedal operation status
  •  Brake pedal operation status
  •  Select lever position
  •  Outside temperature
  •  The sensitivity setting of the sonar sensors

SUBARU and third parties contracted by SUBARU may acquire and use the recorded data for the purpose of vehicle research and development.

SUBARU and third parties contracted by SUBARU will not disclose or provide the acquired data to any other third party except under the following conditions.

  •  The vehicle owner has given his/her consent.
  •  The disclosure/provision is based on a court order or other legally enforceable request.
  •  Data that has been modified so that the user and vehicle cannot be identified is provided to a research institution for statistical processing or similar purposes.
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