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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Stopping engine

  1. Stop the vehicle completely.
  2.  Move the select lever to the "P" position.
  3.  Press the push-button ignition switch.

    The engine will stop, and the power will be switched off

  •  Do not touch the push-button ignition switch during driving.

    When the push-button ignition switch is operated as follows, the engine will stop.

  •  The switch is pressed and held for 3 seconds or longer.
  •  The switch is pressed briefly 3 times or more in succession.

    When the engine stops, the brake booster will not function. A greater foot pressure will be required on the brake pedal.

    The power steering system will not operate either. A greater force will be required to steer, and it may result in an accident.

  •  If the engine stops during driving, do not operate the push-button ignition switch or open any of the doors until the vehicle is stopped in a safe location. It is dangerous because the steering lock may be activated. Stop the vehicle in a safe place, and contact a SUBARU dealer immediately.


  •  Do not stop the engine while the select lever is in a position other than the "P" position.
  •  If the engine is stopped while the select lever is in a position other than the "P" position, the power will be in "ACC". If the vehicle is left in this condition, the battery may be discharged.

NOTE Although you can stop the engine by operating the push-button ignition switch, do not stop the engine during driving except in an emergency

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