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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: Steering lock

After stopping the engine and the driver's door is open, the steering wheel will be locked due to the steering lock function.

When the engine is restarted, the steering lock will be automatically canceled

When the steering lock cannot be released

When the steering lock cannot be released

1) Operation indicator
2) Push-button ignition switch

When you cannot restart the engine due to the steering lock, check the status of operation indicator and perform the following steps.

Operation indicator flashing in green

  1.  Check that the select lever is set in the "P" position.
  2.  Depress the brake pedal and keep it.
  3.  Press the push-button ignition switch while turning the steering wheel left and right.

Operation indicator flashing in orange

There may be a malfunction in the steering lock function. Immediately contact your nearest SUBARU dealer.

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