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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Assembly

1. Install the tie-rod into rack.

Tightening torque:

90 N·m (9.2 kgf-m, 66.4 ft-lb)


Check the mating face of rack and tie-rod for foreign matter such as dust etc.

2. Apply a coat of grease to the tie-rod groove, and then install the boot - steering gearbox to the housing.


Assemble the small end of the boot - steering gearbox in the tie-rod groove first, and then assemble the large end of the boot - steering gearbox in the housing.


Make sure that the boot - steering gearbox is installed without unusual inflation or deflation.

3. Using the boot clamp pliers, crimp the boot so that the clearance (b) of the band - boot (a) crimp portion becomes 2 mm (0.08 in) or less.


Use a new band - boot.

4. Fix the end of the boot - steering gearbox with clip - boot tie-rod (a).

5. After installation, check that the end of the boot - steering gearbox is installed to the groove (b) of the tie-rod.

6. If the tie-rod end has been removed, screw in lock nut and tie-rod end to the threaded portion of tie-rod, and tighten the lock nut temporarily in a position as shown in the figure.

Installed tie-rod length L:

27 mm (1.06 in)

7. Inspect the steering gearbox assembly as follows:

(1) “A” Holding the tie-rod end, repeat lock to lock several times as quickly as possible.

(2) “B” Holding the tie-rod end, turn it slowly at a radius several times as large as possible.

(3) Finally, make sure that the boot - steering gearbox is installed in the specified position without inflating.

8. Remove the steering gearbox assembly from ST.

CAUTION:When fixing the steering gearbox assembly in a vise, apply a wooden piece on the flange portion.1. Remove the tie-rod end (a) and lock nut (b) from the steering gearbox assembly.2. Remove the ...

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