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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly


When fixing the steering gearbox assembly in a vise, apply a wooden piece on the flange portion.

1. Remove the tie-rod end (a) and lock nut (b) from the steering gearbox assembly.

2. Remove the clip - boot tie-rod (c) located outside the boot - steering gearbox using the pliers, and then slide the boot - steering gearbox to the tie-rod end side.

3. Remove the tie-rod (d) from the gearbox assembly.

(1) Using a flat tip screwdriver, remove the band - boot (e) from the boot - steering gearbox.


Replace the boot - steering gearbox or the band - boot (e) if there is damage, cracks or deterioration.

(2) Remove the tie-rod (d).

1. UNIT INSPECTIONCheck components for wear, damage or other faults. Adjust or replace if necessary.2. LIMITMake a measurements as follows. If it exceeds the specified service limits, adjust or replac ...

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