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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Audio system

CAUTION:After installing the center grille assembly, check that the air vent grille of the center grille assembly is inserted correctly into the air vent duct.1. Install the audio assembly.2. Install ...

Wiring diagram
1. MODEL WITH 6.2 INCH DISPLAYRefer to “Audio System” in the wiring diagram. Audio System > WIRING DIAGRAM2. MODEL WITH 7 INCH DISPLAYRefer to “Audio System” in the wiring dia ...

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Dtc c2548 vehicle dynamics control module system
DTC DETECTING CONDITION:When error flag from VDCCM is detected for 2 seconds after the ignition switch is ON.STEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK DTC.Read the DTC of VDC system using the Subaru Select Monitor.Is a DTC related to VDC system (sensors) detected-Perform the diagnosis according to the DTC. List of Dia ...

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