Honda Civic manuals

Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Disassembly

Remove each cover from the center exhaust pipe.


Center exhaust pipe




Center exhaust pipe lower cover B


Center exhaust pipe upper cover


Center exhaust pipe lower cover A

1. Check the connections and welded parts for exhaust leaks.2. Make sure there are no holes or rusting. ...

Front exhaust pipe

Other materials:

(1)Chain tensioner (RH)(6)Chain guide (between cams, LH)(11)Chain guide (main)(2)Chain guide (between cams, RH)(7)Chain tensioner lever (LH)(12)Crank sprocket(3)Chain tensioner lever (RH)(8)Chain guide (LH)(13)Idler sprocket(4)Chain guide (RH)(9)Chain tensioner (main)(14)Water pump sprocket(5)Chain ...

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