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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Inspection

1. Check the connections and welded parts for exhaust leaks.

2. Make sure there are no holes or rusting.

1. Temporarily tighten the nuts which secure the center exhaust pipe to the front exhaust pipe.NOTE:Use a new gasket.2. Install the bolts, springs, and nuts which secure the rear exhaust pipe to the c ...

Remove each cover from the center exhaust pipe.(A)Center exhaust pipe(C)Band(E)Center exhaust pipe lower cover B(B)Center exhaust pipe upper cover(D)Center exhaust pipe lower cover A ...

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Lubrication methodForced lubricationOil pumpPump typeTrochoid typeNumber of teethInner rotor7Outer rotor8Outer rotor diameter - Thicknessmm (in)76 - 30.2 (2.99 - 1.19)Performance(Oil temperature 80°C (176°F))600 r/minDischarge pressurekPa (kg/cm2, psi)98 (1.0, 14)Discharge rateL (US qt ...

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