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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Installation

1. Install the arm assembly - windshield wiper.


Since the arm assembly - windshield wiper LH and RH can interfere with each other, install the passenger’s side first.

(1) Assemble the arm assembly - windshield wiper so that the blade assembly - windshield wiper is aligned to the ceramic print point mark of the windshield glass.

(2) Tighten the arm assembly - windshield wiper to specified torque and install the cap.

Tightening torque:

22 N·m (2.2 kgf-m, 16.2 ft-lb)

2. Check the position of windshield wiper. Front Wiper Arm > ADJUSTMENT

1. Operate the windshield wiper once.2. Check that the wiper blade is aligned with the point mark.3. If the wiper blade is not aligned with the point mark, perform the removal and installation of the ...

Front wiper motor and link

Other materials:

CAUTION:• If the airbag has been activated, replace the front sub sensor with a new part.• Do not reuse the bolt and nut.Always replace with the specified new bolts and nuts.• When installing the sensor, insert the set pin on the backside of the sensor into the hole on the body sid ...

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