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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Front wiper arm

• Make sure the nozzle - windshield washer and the hose - windshield washer are not clogged.• Make sure the hose - windshield washer is not bent.• Check the position of the nozzle - ...

1. Remove the cover - windshield wiper arm.2. Remove the nuts, and remove the arm assembly - windshield wiper.NOTE:Since the arm assembly - windshield wiper LH and RH can interfere with each other, re ...

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CAUTION:• If there was so much rust in the rear differential mount bushing, remove the rust before starting work.• Apply the molybdenum grease on the square thread of the ST (shaft and nut) before use.1. Remove the rear differential. Rear Differential (T-type) > REMOVAL Rear Differenti ...

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