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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: BSD/RCTA (if equipped)

The BSD/RCTA consists of rear radar with Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

These functions of BSD/RCTA are the systems that detect objects and vehicles to the rear and draw attention to the driver when changing a lane or when driving in reverse.

WARNING The driver is responsible for driving safely. Always be sure to check the surroundings with your eyes when changing lanes or reversing the vehicle.

The system is designed to assist the driver by monitoring the rear and side areas of the vehicle during a lane change or reversing. However, you cannot rely on this system alone in assuring the safety during a lane change or reversing. Overconfidence in this system could result in an accident and lead to serious injury or death. Since the system operation has various limitations, the flashing or illumination of the BSD/RCTA approach indicator light may be delayed or it may not operate at all even when a vehicle is present in a neighboring lane or approaching from either side.

The driver is responsible for paying attention to the rear and side areas of the vehicle.

To decrease the speed (by brake pedal)
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System features
BSD/RCTA consists of the following functions.  To detect a vehicle in a blind spot on an adjacent lane or a vehicle approaching at high speed while driving the vehicle (Blind Spot Detec ...

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