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Subaru Legacy Owners Manual: BSD/RCTA OFF switch


BSD/RCTA OFF indicator
BSD/RCTA OFF indicator

If the BSD/RCTA OFF switch is pressed, the BSD/RCTA OFF indicator appears on the multi information display of the combination meter, and the BSD/RCTA is deactivated.

Press the switch again to activate the BSD/RCTA. The BSD/RCTA OFF indicator disappears.


  •  In the following cases, press the BSD/RCTA OFF switch to deactivate the system. The system may not operate properly due to blocked radar waves.
  •  When towing a trailer
  •  When a bicycle carrier or other item is fitted to the rear of the vehicle
  •  When using a chassis dynamometer or free roller device, etc.
  •  When running the engine and making the wheels rotate while lifting up the vehicle
  •  If the ignition switch is turned to the "LOCK"/"OFF" position, the last known status of the system is maintained. For example, if the ignition switch is turned to the "LOCK"/"OFF" position with the BSD/RCTA deactivated, the BSD/RCTA remains deactivated the next time the ignition switch is turned to the "ON" position.
  •  If the vehicle battery is disconnected due to situations such as battery terminal or fuse replacement, after the battery is reconnected, the BSD/RCTA will be activated.
System malfunction indicator
System malfunction indicator 1) At first, this message will appear 2) Then this message will appear This indicator appears when a malfunction occurs in the system. Contact a SUBARU dealer and ...

Certification for the BSD/RCTA
U.S.-spec. models FCC ID: OAYSRR2A CAUTION FCC WARNING Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's author ...

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