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Subaru Legacy Service Manual: Airbag system

1. COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING IMPOSSIBLEDTC DETECTING CONDITION:• Defective harness connector• Defective CAN communicationTROUBLE SYMPTOM:Communication is impossible between the airbag ...

Airbag connector procedure
1. POWER SUPPLY1. How to disconnect:CAUTION:When pulling the slide lock or disconnecting connector, be sure to hold the connector, not the harness.(1) Pull the slide lock (a) in the direction of arrow ...

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Electrical component location location
(1)VDC CM(7)Engine CM(13)Steering angle sensor(2)Transmission CM (engine type: EZ)(8)Power steering CM(14)Audio or navigation(3)Radar sensor LH(9)Auto headlight beam leveler CM (AHL CM) or steering responsive fog light CM (SRF CM)(15)A/C CM(4)Stereo camera(10)Body integrated unit(16)Keyless access C ...

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